Being ignorant about metadata is not a crime — it’s just agonisingly inconvenient to generate business value from data.

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A quick tour to understand fundamental concepts in time series for everyone (including those having a fear of maths).

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Time series analysis is like air

It takes a little more than statistics and machine learning to understand how demand forecasting works.

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Meet Julie! She sells ice cream on the Moon

The very pursuit of accuracy could influence you to pick a terrible model

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This is Newt! He has a binary classification problem

It’s surprisingly quick and simple to predict the future with the all-too-familiar SQL syntax.

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The almighty NoSQL database to power mobile sites with real-time analytics for better customer experience

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How to avoid those dreaded pitfalls and “gotcha” moments when selecting databases for your next application?

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In a post-COVID-19 future, businesses must be prepared to respond and adapt rapidly. Does the old Hadoop technology even have a place in this new world?

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Get to know Hadoop

Why was Hadoop a big deal?

When all you want is simple steps to get good data scattered everywhere into a single location for quick business insights, don’t let the complexities of coding and infrastructure hold you back.

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Why do we need Cloud Data Fusion?

The problem: Your first hurdle towards great insights from big data

Computer vision has the potential to improve the consumer experience, reduce costs and enhance security. Understanding the fundamentals of computer vision is the first step towards unlocking a crucial competitive edge. Are you ready?

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Love data, problem-solving, and storytelling | Observe the world through technology-driven lens | Cherish order from chaos

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